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Japan Focus Co., Ltd.<br />Naoaki Yamaguchi<br />Representative Director, President, CEO

Japan Focus Co., Ltd.
Naoaki Yamaguchi
Representative Director, President, CEO

We firmly believe that the reliability of medical technology is the universal theme in the field of Medical Devices. Japan Focus Co., Ltd. (JFC®) has been pursuing this theme aggressively as a technology-oriented trading company which represents many excellent overseas companies who design and manufacture advanced medical solutions. JFC attaches great importance to the creation of close and long-lasting business relationships with companies we represent. JFC’s mission is to provide reliable information and products to the market that meet the latest medical treatment requirements in Japan. JFC is working closely with the Japanese technology-oriented makers to develop the new medical device as well. JFC has been trying to develop the structure to provide the products and the service with high quality and make a contribution to the community in pursuit of the corporate objectives.

Core value

“There is a star in Hongo’s business community; small, but shining brilliantly”. This is a metaphoric expression symbolizing a sense of the core value we fostered when we started our operation in 1976. Since then, we have built up pleasant business relationships with many excellent overseas partners of medical devices, while devoted ourselves to satisfying our customers as much as possible. We continue to make a difference through superior and products and services in order to contribute to maintain and improve QoV (Quality of Vision) for the Japanese citizens.

Cooperate Vision

  1. Contribute to maintain and improve QoV (Quality of Vision) for Japanese citizens
  2. Aim for the company which is small but shining technology-oriented brilliantly
  3. Aim for the best trading company for ophthalmology products in Japan
  4. Aim for the company with the history of one hundred years

Basic Strategy

  1. Maintain and expand two basic commercial licenses
  2. Develop the third main commercial product (surgical products)
  3. Develop the JFC brand Orthoptic products
  4. Continue to develop the new commercial licenses
  5. Develop the internal structure of Quality Control in order to provide the medical products with high quality
  6. Maintain the current customers by the cordial service with high quality
  7. Small number but technology-oriented and high skilled employees
  8. Develop the work environment where the employees can work with high motivation
  9. The employees’ growth is the company’s growth
  10. Working closely and together in JFC group

Corporate Overview

Founded on July 8, 1976
Capital 70 million yen
Naoaki Yamaguchi
Representative Director, President , CEO
Koji Komaki
Executive Director, Engineering Division
Hiroyuki Honma
Executive Director, Engineering Division, Business Administration Division
Kenji Ushiyama
Director, Product Marketing Division
Bunta Kamimura
Auditor, Bunta Kamimura Certified Tax Accountant Office
Corporate Lawyer
Eiji Kimura
Kimura Business Law Office
Head Office

IROHA-JFC Bldg., 4-37-18, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo #113-0033

TEL : +81-3-3815-2611

FAX : +81-3-3815-7284

Correspondent Bank
  • The Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Hongo Branch Office
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd. Hongo Branch Office
  • The Resona Bank, Ltd. Hongo Branch Office
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Board of Directors
  • Business Administration Division
    Finance & General Affairs, Operation & Administration
  • Business Development Division
    Market Development, Business Development
  • Product Marketing Division
    Marketing & Sales
  • Engineering Division (JFC Technocrat)
Quality Control Team
JFC has a professional Quality Control Team in place, laterally organized across the four divisions and immediately reporting to the management, to ensure the safety and quality of Medical Devices that JFC imports, delivers and sold, in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GQP (Good Quality Practice) and GVP (Good Vigilance Practice).

Associated company

  • JFC Sales Plan Co., Ltd. ( Tokyo. Osaka. Nagoya. Fukuoka. )


  • Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation
  • Japan Association of Health Industry Distributors
  • Japan Ophthalmic Instruments Association
  • Japan National Society for the Prevention of Blindness
  • The Japanese Society of Ophthalmological Optics
  • Japanese Retina and Vitreous Society
  • Japan Glaucoma Society
  • Japanese Association of Certified Orthoptists
  • Japanese ophthalmic Photographers' Society
  • Hongo district of Tokyo federation of Tax payers corporates